Their origin and preparation make them a product with a smooth texture and recommended for healthy diets.

Anxoves de l’Escala-M.Sureda has been a benchmark since 1940 for its specialization in canned Mediterranean blue fish.

The Girona-based company Anxoves de l’Escala-M.Sureda has recently presented its Petites Sardines in olive oil, a new canned fish proposal that maintains all the essence of the best fresh Mediterranean blue fish.

These canned sardines are made with fresh fish, which, unlike those made from frozen fish, result in a more intense flavour and a much smoother texture. This is also noticeable after opening the can, even before tasting them, in their beautiful shine and vivid silver colour.

In addition to their intense flavour, their nutritional properties stand out. It is a healthy product and ideal for use in a multitude of ‘healthy’ recipes such as salads or accompanied by vegetables. It is also recommended for cardiovascular health care diets or to reduce cholesterol levels.

A classic yet sustainable can 

Anxoves de l’Escala-M.Sureda has recovered for this occasion its classic lithography to produce the tins of its Petites Sardines in olive oil. Its navy blue aluminium design is reminiscent of the brand’s most classic tins. In addition, the cardboard has been omitted from the manufacturing process, which gives the packaging a much more sustainable character.

Tradition, craftsmanship and know-how

Anxoves de l’Escala-M.Sureda has been dedicated to processing and salting the best fish since 1940. In addition to its new Petites Sardines in olive oil and marinated anchovies in olive oil, the company is world renowned for its anchovies.  One of the keys is the careful selection of its raw materials using traditional methods and knowledge that have been passed down from generation to generation.