The anchovy is a oily fish and an emblematic ingredient on the Mediterranean Diet. The olive oil from the best Spanish olives trees benefits also the human health.

Its consumption is highly recommendable to maintain a well-balanced diet, rich in Omega 3, which contributes in regulating lowering cholesterol levels.

Anxoves of l'Escala S.A. also offers anchovy fillets in organic extra virgin olive oil.


Craftsmanship and exepertise

We have been salting and packing anchovies since 1940. We carefully select the raw materials using traditional methods and expertise passed down from generation to generation since fish first began to be salted, with the arrival of the Greeks and Phoenicians in Empúries in the 6th and 5th centuries BC.
This base and our exacting selection and preparation of the best fish available allow us to make an exquisite product of exceptional quality with unique texture and flavour.


Lot d'anxoves gourmet


The finished product presents different lines.


The anchovy can be tasted on many different ways, but it will be always a very tasty product, due its properties and intense flavor.

In the Mediterranean countries it is used traditionally as an exceptional aperitif, accompanied by crispy bread, greased with mature tomato and splashed with olive oil to taste. It is also an usual ingredient in salads, pasta recipes, pizzas or more complex dishes. There are countless combinations.

The fillets of Anxoves of l'Escala, S.A. are pulpy, honeyed and exquisite, with the right balanced salted point. They can be found in the best Catalan and Spanish Restautants.

Welcome to our millenarian anchovy culture!

Anxoves of l'Escala S.A. invites you to enjoy the exquisite flavor of its Mediterranean tradition.

Eggplants stuffed with northern bonitol, mozzarella, pesto and anchovies

Eggplants stuffed with northern bonitol, mozzarella, pesto and anchovies

Vegetable coca with anchovies

Vegetable coca with anchovies

Eggplant pizza with anchovies

Eggplant pizza with anchovies