Since 1940 we have been processing anchovies, salting the best fish (anchovy) and preparing semi preserved fillets, marinated and in olive oil. We carefully select the raw materials using traditional methods and expertise passed down from generation to generation since it first began in the 6th and 5th centuries BC, with the arrival of the Greeks and Phoenicians in Empu?ries, comprised in the village term of l’Escala, in the ‘Costa Brava’.

This millenarian conservation technique, which allows to consume the summer captures of fresh fish throughout all the year, were followed later by the Roman Civilization.

Nowadays, Anxoves de l’Escala SA continues with the same tradition and ours ‘Anchovies Women’ are responsible for such artisan process.


The small workshop in which we began our activity more than 70 years ago has been replaced with a modern facility fully equipped with cutting-edge technology in order to continue our top-quality, artisanal production while also meeting notably higher demand.

Our new facilities have product handling, processing, and packaging rooms, as well as walk-in refrigerators to preserve the fish in optimum conditions. They also ensure the strictest compliance with all national and international health and safety standards


Anxoves of l’Escala S.A. uses only the ‘European Anchovy’, Engraulis Encrasicholus species, approved on all nutritional security European controls, unlike anchovies coming from other latitudes.
Anxoves of l’Escala S.A. is certified by CCPAE (Catalan Council of Organic Food Production). We use fresh fish, natural marine salt without additives on the salting step and organic extra virgin olive oil of properly certified suppliers.



• Anchovies purchases
• Arrival in the Storehous
• Headed and salted
• Maturing and changes in salt
• Anchovies cleaning
• Fillets preparation
• Packaging
• Route before label
• Labeling



The women of L’Escala have always been the ones to clean, salt and carefully pack the anchovies into barrels, to fillet and lay them one-by-one into their special tins.

This traditional method, created by women born in this town, has been repeated over the years, being passed down from mothers to daughters. It requires great care and the expertise that has preserved this process since the first generation of anchovy women.


The work of our anchovy makers is key to ensuring the quality, texture and flavour that characterise our anchovies.
Following the procedure developed through the experience acquired over the years, our anchovy master begins his work by carefully selecting the best fish.

From there, he supervises the procedure each piece undergoes, being placed in barrels to mature naturally for at least six months and up to two years. From each fishing boat, the anchovy master decides the perfect point to fillet the anchovy and thus ensure maximum quality.


Anxoves de l’Escala, S.A work map