Anchovies purchases

Species Engraulis Encrasicolus or European Anchovy in Spanish ports. Meticulous selection of the best units in the Fish Market in order to choose the suitable sizes to obtain the most high qualified fillets of anchovy.

Arrival in the Storehouse

  • Integrity, hardness and temperature of the fish are under control.
  • Each fish is selected due its size to be proceed into two different ways:
    •  Maturing in vinegar
    •  Preservation in salt

Headed and salted

Our employees begin the handmade process called “esganyar”, a delicate extraction of the head and guts of the anchovies.

The pieces will be covered in marine salt into barrels, which in the past were made from wood of chestnut trees, during a period of 6 to 24 months, until they achieve the optimal maturation point.

Maturing and changes in salt

The maturation period depends on the time of the year. If salting process begins in May, probably the pieces will mature into 6 months, however, if it is done in September, the maturing will take more than one year.

The optimal maturation point varies on each lot and it is decided by the ‘Anchovy Master’, who has the required knowledge and expertise after years of dedication.

Maturing step is the basis of the smell, taste and texture results.

Anchovies cleaning

  • Achieved the maturation point, in order to reduce the salt levels of the fish, the pieces are washed with cold water through specialized machinery.
  • The fish pass through a spin-dry cycle to eliminate accumulated water.

Fillets preparation

The traditional method requires great care and the expertise from the "anchovy women"


The handmade packing uses different types of containers: jar of glass, can and sealed tray.

Route before label

The most modern mechanized processes on the way for labeling our products: filling with olive oil and closing covers


Labeling and preparation into the boxes.